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What is cupping?

Cupping involves glass cups that suction to the skin with the use of a suction pump. It is painless and relaxing. By encouraging blood flow under the skin, cupping helps to greatly reduce muscle tension and increase healing. Cupping sometimes leaves circular marks on the skin... these marks are evidence of your self care!

How does cupping work?

Glass Cups

Our glass cups suction to the skin using a tool that functions like a reverse bicycle tire pump. The cup forms a tight seal with your skin and the pump removes the air, creating a therapeutic vacuum. This is dry cupping and the cups stay stationary while they are on. 


The suction created by using the cups increases blood flow to the area. Healing is promoted by increasing circulation. This can be very beneficial for decreasing pain, muscle spasm or tightness, and inflammation. We can leave the cups on for 10-20 minutes while you relax and  unwind.


Decreased muscle tension is typically felt immediately. Cupping often leaves circular marks that will look like bruises or discoloration of the skin. This area may be tender to the touch for a short time after the cupping. Occasionally, the bruising may persist longer than a week or two.

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