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Why should babies and kids get adjusted?

Children get subluxated too! Sometimes a difficult birth, a hard fall, or simply growing and meeting new milestones can cause vertebral misalignments to occur. We aim for kiddos and their parents to be comfortable during the visit and enjoy their adjustment! We hope kids love coming to see us and are excited about their next adjustment!


When can my kiddo get adjusted?

Anytime! Babies can be adjusted as soon as they are born, toddlers after a tumble or fall, school age as activity increases, or teens that are in sports. Chiropractic care can help with:

  • only preferring to turn their head one way

  • acid reflux or constipation

  • breastfeeding difficulty

  • bedwetting

  • growing pains or leg pain

  • repetitive injury pain

  • aching due to a slip or fall

  • ear infections or repeated illness

  • headaches or neck pain



What to expect:


Get scheduled

It's easy to get scheduled at our office! We typically have same day openings as well as times within the week. Call or text our office and we'll get you on the books!


The front desk will collect your information from you and send you the intake paperwork to complete and sign before your first visit.


At your appointment

At your first visit, we take the time to get to know you, your health history, and your current complaint. We do an examination and typically adjust on the first visit.

You might have some soreness after your first few adjustments, but you can do all of your normal activities.


Follow up visits

These are shorter visits checking in on your symptoms and how your body is responding to the adjustments.

We decide together if you need to come back and how soon, based on how the adjustment held. You should leave each adjustment feeling and moving better!

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