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"Dr. Hannah & Dr. Amber are top notch chiropractors in the Omaha metropolitan area. The care and passion they have for every single client is rare. Dr. Hannah helped heal my back pain years ago, while Dr. Amber helped adjust my son. I wasn’t sure what to think about adjusting children, but they made the process simple and worry-free. We both started sleeping better at night – and to me that means SO MUCH! If you’re looking for quality, knowledge, authenticity, and pure passion….these two doctors are your go to!! You both always treat me like family. Thank you again ladies – our relationship means the world to me!"

Jessica Franker

I have been seeing Dr. Chohon off and on for 7 years, since I was pregnant with my twins. She has also adjusted my daughter through growing pains and falls that left her shoulder achy. Now anytime she gets hurt, and there is residual pain, she is asking to see Dr. Chohon! She is amazing!

K. W.

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