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Vibrant Fam Is Moving! New location as of June 3rd 2024!

Our new location will be:

13304 W. Center Rd, Ste 105

Omaha, NE 68144

Things to Know:

  • June 3rd will be the first day in the new space! (We will be closed the week of May 27th to transition to the new office.)

  • Please keep scheduling as usual (even June appointments). This will make the transition to the new system much easier.

  • We will be located in the brick building on the northwest side of Center Street and 133rd.

  • We will be using a temporary space on the upper level until the build out is complete.

  • It is best to park and enter on the west side of the building and walk straight down the hallway to our door on the right hand side (look for our signage).

  • Our permanent new space will be on the main level and will be complete (hopefully) by September!

  • Great news! Our phone number is staying the same: 402-915-4029! Text or Call to get in touch with us directly!

  • We are so excited about this change! We are grateful to Verve for helping us get started and now are looking forward to doing it on our own!

  • If you have any questions, please reach out to us!

Corner view of large brick office building with awnings and windows.
13304 W Center Rd
Google map excerpt of 132nd and Center in Omaha with a pin on the northwest side of the building at 13304 West Center Road.


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