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Backpack Ergonomics

Developing good posture as a child has long term benefits that will last a lifetime.

With the return to school comes the constant use of heavy backpacks. Inappropriate backpack use can cause muscle strain, distort the natural curves of the spine, and compress the intervertebral discs.

To avoid poor posture and injuries follow these recommendations:

∙ Wear the backpack on both shoulders.

∙ Make sure the straps are wide and padded.

∙ Keep a loaded backpack to no more than 10% of bodyweight.

∙ Tighten the shoulder straps so the pack is snug against the back.

∙ Distribute weight evenly, with heavier items closer to your back.

∙ The backpack should be centered between the shoulder blades for best support, given that the core and hip muscles will carry most of its weight.

∙ The bottom of the backpack should not hit more than two inches below the waist.

We are here to support kids and ensure they feel and function at their best.

Happy Back to School!



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