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Chiropractic and Breastfeeding!

To breastfeed, babies need to coordinate the use of their skull bones, along with voluntary and involuntary muscles controlled by cranial nerves. All these steps are necessary for them to learn to suck, swallow and breathe to get the milk.

Common issues in babies having challenges breastfeeding include spinal misalignments and tension along the upper neck, jaw, and skull. By correcting these, newborns can turn their neck better, making it easier and more comfortable to latch on both sides.

How babies are delivered impacts breastfeeding. Babies born by C-section do not have the molding and compression of the birth canal, so their bodies tend to have more muscle tension and suffer from the effects of anesthesia. Complications might also arise with babies who are born too fast, too slow (two or more hours pushing) or by excessive force.

Chiropractic care can restore alignment and release soft tissue tension in the jaw and skull for deeper, stronger suction. Positive changes can be seen just after a few visits when symptoms are identified early on.

When the baby latches correctly, milk is released more easily, reducing the risk of mastitis or blockages. The correct latch also gives your body the signal it needs to produce more milk and maintain a good supply. If necessary, you can use acupuncture to increase milk supply or manage symptoms of mastitis.

Breastfeeding gives your baby the best start in life, and whatever milestone you reach, you must celebrate it. If you are experiencing challenges breastfeeding contact these local resources: - La Leche League of the Omaha Area - MilkWorks O - Nurture Omaha, LLC - The Lactation Ladies

We are here to support moms and ensure they feel and function at their best!



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