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How to See Your Chiropractor Less Often :) aka Holding Your Adjustment Longer

There are many ways that we unknowingly put more physical strain on our body and make it work harder. It might be the way we sit, stand, or work. It could be how we lift our kids or pets. It could even be how we sleep. There are ways we can be careful about what we are doing so that our bodies don’t need to see a chiropractor as often and can hold an adjustment longer.


One of the most significant ways we spend our time is sitting. When sitting in a chair or in a vehicle, we should support the natural forward curvature of the lumbar spine. This can be as simple as placing a small pillow or rolled up towel or blanket in the small of your back. You should still be able to relax back in your chair without losing your good posture.


When working at a computer, the screen should be at eye level, the keyboard should be in a position that allows the shoulders to be relaxed in a neutral position, and your feet should be able to be flat on the floor or on a small step stool.


If spending time on a phone or tablet, try to prop a pillow or blanket under your arms so your neck is not bent forward to view the screen.


When sleeping, on your back is the most neutral position for the spine. If sleeping on your side is more comfortable, a long pillow should be placed in between the knees that reaches down to the ankles. When standing, there is a space between your knees. This space should be supported during rest as to not stress the hips, pelvis, and lower back. Stomach sleeping is the least ideal sleeping position. If this is the only way you can sleep, a very flat pillow or no pillow at all should be utilized.


There is not one perfect position that your body should be in all day. When tasked with being in the same place for a long period of time, try to take frequent breaks to stand up and move around or sit down for a moment to relax. Remember that supported neutral (or as close to it) as possible is typically best for your body.


As with any advice you receive, make sure your body responds well to what is being suggested. If you have any discomfort or pain, stop immediately and consult your primary care physician. 

These habits are going to be much more effective if you are well aligned.

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