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Stay healthy

Fall is here, with its colorful leaves, pumpkins, yummy foods, and all the things that make it so special. It’s also the time where many suffer from colds or experience seasonal affective disorders.

That’s why we want to bring you some tips to stay healthy this season:

• Sleep & rest: keep a consistent sleep schedule. A steady routine helps your body carry out essential functions by your circadian rhythms. Remove electronic devices from the bedroom, including TVs, to help you wind down in preparation for sleep.

• Exercise - seek outdoor activities away from screens. Exercise increases the circulation of immune cells in the body, protecting you from infections.

• Choose healthy foods – sugary and processed foods lower immune function and cause inflammation. About 70% of the immune system is in the gut. Choosing the right nutrition will keep you strong and healthy.

• Chiropractic- adjustments correct spinal misalignments improving nerve function and boosting your immune system.

• Acupuncture - regulates neurotransmitters within the brain, which are linked to your emotions and ability to rest. Regular sessions can help you cope with seasonal affective disorders and insomnia.

• Vagus nerve stimulation – the vagus nerve provides stability to the immune system and promotes homeostasis and balance in your body. You can stimulate your vagus nerve by: - Deep, slow belly breathing - Laughter - Massage - Loud singing - Increasing fiber in your diet - Immersing your face in cold water

Implement these simple practices to have a healthier autumn season. We want to support you and ensure you feel and function at your best!


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